Red billed gull and chicks

Red billed gull and chicks preview
Red billed gull and chicks
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Red-billed gulls breed between October and December in large densely packed colonies on sand spits, boulder banks, shellbanks, gravel beaches, rocky headlands and rocky islets. The nest, built mostly by the male with only a small input from the female, is composed of dry grass, seaweed, twigs and feathers. It is a small mound with a depression in the centre. The two or more brownish coloured heavily blotched eggs are incubated by both parents for 24–27 days. The chicks fledge at 37 days but remain dependent on their parents for a further 3 weeks. Immature birds have brown bills, legs and eyes, and brown patches on their backs; adult plumage develops in the second year.

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